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7th Special Regime Energy Auction


The seventh Special Regime Auction for electricity acquired by last resort suppliers to Special Regime Producers was held on June 19, 2013, starting at 10.30h CET. This auction was carried out within the MIBEL Derivatives market managed by OMIP.

A volume of 400 PTEL Baseload Quarter Futures were auctioned for the delivery period of the 3rd quarter 2013 (200) and 4th quarter 2013 (200) and 75 PTEL Baseload Annual Futures for the delivery period of the 2014 year, which corresponds to the total volume of 1,540,400 MWh. The delivery rate amounts to 1 MW per contract.

The auction was based on an Ascending Clock Model type, which consists on a successive combination of rounds, supported by OMIPlus Auction Platform.

A total of eight OMIP members participated in this auction and six ended up with allocated volumes on 3rd quarter 2013, four on 4th quarter 2013 and four on year 2014. The quantity auctioned was completely allocated at a closing price of 46.85 €/MWh for the 3rd quarter 2013, 44.90 €/MWh for the 4th quarter 2013 and 47.35 €/MWh for the year 2014, following a total of 6 rounds.

The allocated quantities were registered for clearing and settlement with OMIClear - the Clearing House of the MIBEL Derivatives Market.