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Switching process in the gas retail market (GPMC)

The GPMC – Entity in charge of managing the switching process in the gas retail market was created having in mind the liberalization of the gas retail market, and to put in place transparent, simple and robust rules that ensure the effectiveness and confidence of market agents, network operators and consumers in switching procedures.

Currently, the management activities of the natural gas customer-switching process are committed to REN Gasodutos, SA that was appointed by ERSE to perform the GPMC functions.

In turn, REN Gasodutos, S.A., hired OMIP to: (i) ensure the development and operation of an IT Platform supporting the GPMC activity and (ii) carry out the current GPMC management activities.

The e_Switch is the IT Platform developed by OMIP that supports in a simple, secure and flexible way the management of the processes referred to above. It is accessed by the several market agents to initiate, monitor and complete the customer-switching requests, having GPMC as the entity that supervises and manages the information flows exchanged along each process.

In addition to providing security and robustness to the customer-switching process, e_Switch also ensures the effectiveness and ease of communications between the network operators and market agents, allowing the process to be simple and fast, not constituting, by itself, an obstacle to the referred switching.

In August 2009, the first e_Switch version was made available and since then it been adapted to meet market agents needs. In February 2011, the current version of the Platform started its operation. This version bears two solutions: a fully automated message broker system developed over Web Services (optimal for the management of large scale switching processes in gas market), and a front Web based application, functioning through the introduction of inputs or by choosing of previously defined options.

For more information and files download, please visit the GPMC website.