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E.g., 2019-01-21
Session Info Last Deal End of day info Reference prices
Contract name Best bid (€/MWh)Best Ask (€/MWh)Volume (MWh) Price (€/MWh)TimeVolume (MWh) Open InterestNr of ContractsOTC volume (MWh) D (€/MWh)D-1 (€/MWh) Transparency info
FTB YR-19 n.a.n.a.52560 52.7502h:03m:27s8760 25360 52.9052.70
FTB YR-20 n.a.n.a.43920 47.9002h:30m:12s43920 3850 47.9047.66
FTB YR-21 n.a.n.a.0 n.a.n.a.n.a. 1200 47.3247.08
FTB YR-22 n.a.n.a.0 n.a.n.a.n.a. 000 47.3247.08