OMIP FTP service is designed for those who wish to use and process OMIP Market data. It provides a useful interface for raw data that can be used easily for any automation purposes. New files/file updates are made every day after market closing. The following bullet points summarise all you need to know.

About FTP Service

OMIP has an FTP service which provides several types of “end of day” reports in CSV/DSV format. The following types of files are available:

  • OMIP Daily Information – discloses, among others, settlement prices, closing bid and ask orders, open/high/low/last trade price, number of traded contracts and open interest. Available for Iberian and Non Iberian Markets. Example files: OMIPdaily_20200102.csv and OMIPdaily_20200102.xls
  • Iberian Spot - price and volume information about the day-ahead market session, grouped by area and period. Example file: SpotPrices_20200102.csv
  • Power Derivatives – future market data that discloses, among others, settlement prices, high/low/average trade price, number of traded contracts and open interest. Example file: FuturesMarketData_20200102.csv
  • Instruments Contract List - information about every instrument contract open for trading at OMIP. Example file: InstrContractList_2020.csv

For more information regarding this service please take a look at our FTP Access Guide.

FTP Access

As any FTP server, connectivity is possible by any FTP client (e.g., FileZilla, FireFTP, gFTP, etc). Most common programming languages also support connectivity to FTP servers, making it easy to automate data retrieval with other platforms. Additionally, OMIP provides a web access which can be used by any browser.


The FTP service has a fixed annual cost of 1000 € for Power products and 750 € for Natural Gas products. At least one full year of subscription is required for new subscriptions.


Different prices apply if you intend to use OMIP FTP data for redistribution. Contact: marketing@omip.pt


You can initiate the process online creating an account and subscribing our FTP product. Our Marketing department will contacted you further to sign our Model G05 (file available below). You can also contact them directly.For data redistribution purposes a distinct Model applies which can be provided under request. Contacts available here.