20th FTR Auction for Portugal-Spain Electrical Interconnection Results

Press release

On the 18th of September, OMIP – the Iberian power derivatives exchange, has successfully held the quarterly Auction with unique features in the European power market: the 20th auction of Financial Transmission Rights (FTR) for the Portugal-Spain electrical interconnection.

Regarding the results of the FTR auction:

300 MW of optional FTR were auctioned for each direction of the cross-border capacity for the 4th Quarter of 2018.

OMIP is pleased to announce that several Iberian and Non-Iberian entities participated in the auction, and the auctioned quantities were awarded at:

0.04 €/MWh for the FTR E-P – 4th Quarter 2018;

0.07 €/MWh for the FTR P-E – 4th Quarter 2018.