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News and other publications

News | 02 Jan 2018 New OMIP Website In order to comply with the new obligations derived from the new regulation MIFID II/ MIFIR, OMIP launches today its new website. With the implementation of the new website, the information available in the Downloads section will register some significative changes, becoming to only be available the Market Bulletins and OMIP Daily (restricted access). For more information please contact the Marketing and Business Development department (marketing@omip.pt)
Press Release | 20 Nov 2017 New Iberian Natural Gas Service - OMIP & OMIClear OMIClear and OMIP announce the launch of new services in the Iberian Natural Gas, expanding its current contract and services portfolio, promoting the liquidity development of the Iberian Natural Gas Market. The new service will be available from the next 24th November. OMIP launches the OTC registration service for Natural Gas Derivatives contracts with title transfer in the Spanish Virtual Balancing Point (PVB). Within the scope of this service OMIP accepts for registration bilateral transactions, either handled by brokers or by pure bilateral trade of Natural Gas future contracts with physical delivery, for its clearing and settlement (physical and financial) by OMIClear.
Press Release | 24 Jan 2017 Highlights 2016 OMIP and OMIClear achieved very positive results in 2016, the year of its 10th Anniversary, with screen trading and total cleared volumes showing year on year increases of 14% and 17%, respectively. Despite being a year marked by political, regulatory and economic instability, the global activity of the Iberian Market in the forward curve grew to a value of 170 TWh in 2016. OMIP and OMIClear followed up that growth trend, as it can be seen in the highlights of the year below, with increasing volumes and new members joining OMIP. Overall, OMIP/OMIClear members as well as other entities, namely global trading companies, view the Iberian with high interest and confidence. OMIP/OMIClear are waiting for the formal regulatory approval to launch trading and clearing of physically settled natural gas derivatives contracts at PVBES.